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Let’s Get Ready to....Ramblas

What's coming up at this year's mobile fest in Barcelona

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Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the biggest event in the mobile industry, bringing together the world’s leading mobile operators and telecoms vendors. The event provides a platform for these companies to showcase their latest products and services, and to discuss key issues facing the industry. In 2023, as always, there will be a range of topics that will be discussed. In this blog post, we will explore some of the key issues that mobile operators and telecoms vendors will be focusing on at Mobile World Congress 2023.

5G Technology and its Advancements
5G technology is one of the mostsignificant developments in the mobile industry, and its continued growth and expansion is expected to be a significant focus at MWC 2023. Mobile operators and telecoms vendors will be looking to showcase their latest 5G solutions, including new 5G-enabled devices, infrastructure, and software. This will include advances in areas such as network slicing, edge computing, and virtualization, which are all key to unlocking the full potential of 5G technology.

Big telcos like Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica, TIM and Vodafone have together identified three key areas of focus for Open RAN in 2023. Firstly, they are looking at the technology’s growing maturity, and what that means for further rollout, but are also working on security and energy efficiency. In addition, there will be attention on the involvement of MNOs and vendors in the creation of Open RAN standards and the development of ecosystem.
Another key focus in 2023 will be around maturity of 5G for urban areas and minimizing system integration overheads.

Cybersecurity and Energy Efficiency
In the meantime, the telcos have plenty ofwork to do in the other areas they outlined, namely security and
energy-efficiency. Cybersecurity remains a significant concernfor mobile operators and telecoms vendors, and it is expected to be a key issue at MWC 2023 with vendors like NEC promoting energy savings potential in its
suite of Radio Units and Core Network technologies.

Mobile networks are under constant threatfrom hackers and cybercriminals, and mobile operators and telecoms vendors will be showcasing their latest cybersecurity solutions and services. Those MNOs supporting the Open RAN visionhave pledged to apply all the mandatory controls defined by the O-RAN Alliance and 3GPP security specifications themselves and throughout the supply chain. They will also continue following a zero trust approach to vendors, ensuring the various established standards and specifications are met, along with
national authority requirements, and making sure that vendor risk profiles are correctly captured and assessed during upcoming procurement processes.

On energy-efficiency, it’s all about radiotransmitters and cloud infrastructure this year. Like in traditional mobile
networks, Open RAN radio units consume the most power and at present are about as energy efficient as traditional RAN transmitters. However, this is expected to improve with the use ofdynamic sleep mode, which powers up base station kit based on actual traffic needs. Meanwhile, the energy-efficiency of cloud infrastructure is improving due to advancements in CPU and accelerator technologies, and in cooling systems.

Digital Transformation and IoT
Digital transformation is another key issuethat mobile operators and telecoms vendors will be discussing at MWC 2023. This includes the integration of IoT technologies into mobile networks, enabling the creation of smart cities, connected homes, and the internet of things. Mobile operators and telecoms vendors like Analog Devices will be showcasing their latest solutions andservices for IoT, including connectivity, network edge security, and device management.

Artificial Intelligence and MachineLearning
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machinelearning (ML) are also expected to be hot topics at MWC 2023. Mobile operators and telecoms vendors are using AI and ML to automate many of the manual processes involved in running mobile networks, reducing costs and improving efficiency. This includes using AI and ML for network optimization, predictive maintenance, and customer service. Mobile operators and telecoms vendors will
be showcasing their latest solutions in this area, including virtual assistants, chatbots, and other AI-powered applications.

The Rise of Private Networks
Another key issue that mobile operators andtelecoms vendors will be discussing at MWC 2023 is the rise of private networking. They are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics and this could be the sector where Open RAN technologies take off first.

With the continued growth and expansion of5G technology, the integration of IoT technologies into mobile networks, the use of AI and ML for automation, the ongoing concern around cybersecurity, and the rise of private networks, Mobile World Congress 2023 is set to be an exciting event if you’re going (I’m not by the way!) There are many key issues that will be discussed, and it will be fascinating to see the developments that come out of this event.

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